It's time to retire...
Tidewater Gallery 
An Album of Memories
     Since 1998, Tidewater Gallery has brought a diverse collection of fine art and fine crafts to coastal North Carolina. The historic Mattocks House has also provided a wonderful space, while offering a special view of Swansboro harbor and the White Oak River.
      However—as much as we have loved the gallery and working with all the fine artists we have represented—there comes a time to retire. Let it not go unsaid how much we appreciate all the loyal customers and collectors who have supported us over the years.

 Though closed - Once we have a chance to recoup and regroup, sold works will be deleted from the website - and remaining works will be available for online viewing and ordering.
Nancy Orcutt passed away June 23, 2011. Having established a national following, her colorful, whimsical pieces depict reflective moments, hidden away places and the vanishing icons of rural America. A former North Carolina artist, Nancy resided in Sarasota, Florida. 
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Marty Allran’s fascination with clay began as a small child playing in the red clay banks near her North Carolina home. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design and Art from Eastern Michigan University and adopted clay as her sole medium of artistic expression after retiring from the interior design profession. Her focus is one-of-a-kind, hand-built sculptural clay pieces, which are sold through select galleries and shops.

Marty attributes her fascination with texture, movement, and the colors found in nature to her love of the ocean and the North Carolina high country. Her clay creations are inviting to the eye and to the touch. She shares residences in Wilmington and West Jefferson, North Carolina, with her husband and their Australian Shepherd.

"It is my hope that my art is received with the same pleasure that I experience in the creation of each and every piece." – Marty Allran

Jim Snyders lives in Powell, Ohio with his wife Judy. He considers himself fortunate to also have a home at Emerald Isle, NC where he loves capturing images of the beauty that surrounds him each day. Jim says, "This area is truly a photographer's paradise."

After a 35-year career with DuPont, photography has provided Jim with both an artistic outlet and an excuse to spend much of his spare time outdoors. 

He became interested in photography at a young age. While serving in the Air Force he completed courses in photography thru the USAF Institute. 

During his tour of duty in Korea in the late 50s, Jim was assigned to photograph some of the USO shows while they were touring bases - not only fun but a great experience.

Jim's photographs have appeared in many textbooks, magazines, news papers, travel brochures and displayed at juried shows in Columbus, Ohio and the Emerald Isle, NC area. He hopes you enjoy his photographs as much as he enjoys creating them.

My passion for clay developed during my time as a student when taking my first life modeling class and while earning my bachelors degree in Landscape Architecture at the College of Design at North Carolina State University. For over 18 years I have been expressing myself through clay. My forms are heavily influenced by texture and pattern. I begin with a slab or coil of clay, then twist or tear or pinch and a unique form emerges. While shaping each creation I feel the connection between the clay and the subject, thus allowing each piece to have its own individual voice.