Beaufort, NC resident Jenifer Crowell is a self-taught artist, poet and writer. She spent her childhood in the New England area. Through her father's job, however, Jenifer was able to tag along and visit Hong Kong, Guangdong and Bangkok, where she was exposed to a variety of artists and modes of expression. Although her initial calling was to the theater, Jenifer always dreamed of having an art studio.

After living in New York City and Chicago, Jenifer headed south,
making Carrboro her home. During that time, she worked at Duke Hospital as “Sky Blue the Clown” and as a “standardized patient,” but also found time to perform in many plays. Her love of theater and the sea then took her to Wilmington, NC, to explore the film industry. In 2004, she moved to Beaufort.

In her home studio and around town, Jenifer finds herself drawn to express herself in paint, exploring and recording her responses to people and places. Although she draws inspiration from the nearby sea, Jenifer is greatly inspired by the people and scenes in her neighborhood, Beaufort's traditional black community—residents whose ancestors were a vital part of Beaufort’s maritime culture beginning in the 18th century.
“I am always spellbound by the loving spirit of my neighbors, who truly look out for each other, and also take the time to sit down and share their special stories. They seem to naturally know how to pause and smell the roses. There is joy and deep strength in these friends.”