End of Day
Jon Kolkin has had a lifetime of experience pursuing a balance between his personal and professional life. His unique strategies have allowed him to achieve a high level of success as a professional fine art photographer, physician, educator, global humanitarian, international speaker and course director on topics related to “Finding balance within our lives”.
Each of Jon’s photographic bodies of work tends to focus on topics that deal with personal growth while promoting dialogue, understanding and mutual respect. Every project requires at least 3 years of concentrated focus and refinement.Jon's work is often described as meditative or “Zen like”, capturing the emotion of his subject rather than a literal documentation of what might be noticed by the casual observer. His captivating images have won numerous national awards and have drawn the attention of private and corporate clients such as Sony, Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, Bank of America, and The Ritz Carlton. His artwork has also been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions around the country and in many prominent photography magazines.  

Sand Storm
Jon presently serves on the faculty of both the Santa Fe and Maine Media Photographic Workshops where he leads seminars for photographers on practical approaches to finding time for photography while reducing stress, being more effective in our chosen profession and achieving greater contentment in our personal lives. 

Claude Monet’s Water Lilies in the Garden at Giverny was
the inspiration behind the creation of the Tide Pool Series. "Just as Monet painted the same subject matter time and time again, I have repeatedly photographed the same tidal pools on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Monet had a unique ability to give new life and meaning to a theme by painting during different seasons and weather conditions while also constantly shifting his point of reference. In a similar way, I have tried to capture the essence of these tide pools.

Pensive Woman
"However, there is a second driving force behind the creation of this body of work. The Tide Pool Series attempts to create a Zen-like experience through the intentional distortion of scale and loss of reference. For some observers the art might be interpreted as a close-up, intimate representation of elements within the tidal pool while others have the sense of viewing a panoramic landscape. I am attempting to challenge our perception of what constitutes 'truth.' My hope is that this exercise will encourage more people to step outside of their comfort zone and examine daily situations from multiple angles, thereby promoting tolerance and understanding."